The Vintage Shop

While The Vintage Shop occupying the historic Pomona Hall in Access Road is a project of the Huapai-Kumeu Lions Club its success is largely due to a band of volunteer women who assist at the shop on a rostered basis.  A few of the women are wives or partners of Lions but many are not and  give their time to the shop because all profit from sales is returned to community projects and they enjoy working there.  The shop is open Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 3pm and on Saturday from 10am to 1pm and helpers on the roster help out about one day a fortnight.

Lions members are grateful for this volunteer assistance which has been the main element ensuring the success of The Vintage Shop and enabling  the club to give financial support to several local projects.  Recently a donation of $2000 was given to the Hart Walker project for a Waimauku child.

The Vintage Shop is stacked with a range of well-priced and good quality items which include crockery, crystal, silver, haberdashery, ornaments, crafts, small furniture pieces and other retro and vintage products.  With spring shopping  now underway, The Vintage Shop and its volunteer workers  are gearing up for record sales months with many treasured items for sale and suitable as Christmas gifts or as something to compliment  or match existing items.

The shop also has a good stock of adult jig saw puzzles and these are proving to be a popular and sought after item of stock.

While the inventory of stock is sometimes supplemented by purchases from city auction houses, most of the items currently on display have been acquired locally largely by donation from people wanting to clear their shelves or down-size or at a time of shifting to another location. From time to time the shop has been very grateful to receive items from a deceased estate.  Anyone thinking of making such a donation is asked to visit the shop and discuss it with the ladies on duty.  Alternatively, a  phone call could be made to the shop-convener on  4128225.

As a community project of the Huapai-Kumeu Lions Club, its members greatly appreciate the goodwill and community spirit that the existence of The Vintage Shop has engendered. Any one interested in working at the shop should call in at the Pomona Hall or phone the convener.

Gary Moss

The Vintage Shop is housed in a heritage building known as The Pomona Hall-

The building was constructed in 1876 by local resident John Berry for use as community hall. This building was the first Kumeu hall originally located near the intersection of Hanham and Waitakere Roads on land gifted by John Charles Boord. The building was also used as a church and the district’s first school with an initial roll of 19 pupils. It continued to be used as a school until one was built at Taupaki, when Tuapaki school was detroyed by fire Pomona Hall became a school once more until a new school was built. For almost 40 years it was used as a Sunday school. In 1964 the hall was sold and relocated to a property in Pomona Road where it was used as an apple packing shed.

In 2005, Rodney District Council acquired the building and in 2010 completed the restoration works and relocated it onto the present site where it is known as The Vintage Shop – A flagship project of the Lions Huapai-Kumeu – Access Road, Kumeu.


The Vintage Shop

The Vintage Shop