Terms and conditions of hire

The Hirer/s agree and will comply in total with the following conditions of hire:

  1. Towels and tea towels to be supplied by hirer.
  2. Staples, nails or drawing pins are not to be used.
  3. All decorations and rubbish to be removed from the premises by hirer – PROMPTLY
  4. All decorations to be removed unless prior approval has been obtained by the hall committee.
  5. Any hirer’s special requirements should be noted to the committee before hireage is agreed upon.
  6. Consume alcohol on the premises only in accordance with the provision of “The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (2012)”. EVENING FUNCTIONS TO END BY MIDNIGHT AND PREMISES TO BE VACATED BY 1AM. The function should be run in an orderly manner and no loitering or disturbance should take place outside the hall during or after the function.  Premises, grounds and road frontage must be left clean.
  7. Cleaning must be completed following the evening function, or by 8am the following day and the key returned to the lock box. Unfinished cleaning or cleaning not up to standard will be deducted from the bond at $30 per hour.
  8. All chairs and tables to be stacked and returned neatly.
  9. All interior and exterior lights to be switched off. All windows and doors to be secured.
  10. Any damage or losses caused to the Community Centre or equipment will be repaired or replaced by tradesmen of the Committee’s choosing and the cost recovered from the bond.
  11. A NO SMOKING policy is in force throughout the entire complex.
  12. Subletting is not permitted.
  13. No fires should be lit outside the hall. This includes lighting of candles.
  14. Take full responsibility for the storage and protection of own equipment and property while it is within the complex.
  15. Health and Safety

Hirer/s must avoid any activity which places themselves, their guest or other attendees at risk of injury to themselves or others. In the event of the hirer/s becoming aware of any hazardous situation associated with the building then such hazards must be isolated and the matter reported to the Committee.

  1. Please note that the Hall/Centre is owned by the Community and operated by a volunteer committee. Your assistance in maintaining our community facility in a clean and tidy situation is much appreciated.
  2. Fire Warden

As a condition of hiring the centre the hirer/s agree to appoint a Fire Warden pursuant to the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Act 1992.


Occupants: Advise and direct all occupants to leave the building by the quickest possible route. Check toilets, and assist all elderly and disabled people.

The Area: Ensure all doors and windows have been closed if possible.

Fire Services: Ensure that the Fire Service has been notified, and liaise with them on arrival.

Fire Fighting: Only if it is safe to do so should fire fighting be attempted.

Re-Entry: Ensure that it is safe for people to re-enter the building. Liaise with the Fire Service.

The Community Centre shall not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage of any property for any reason, regardless of the cause – including any fault pertaining to any fitting, appliance or piece of apparatus within the vicinity of the Kumeu Community.